Silver Sage Board of Directors

President of The Board: Jacque Swartout. 

Jacque enjoyed her childhood with the Souther Californian Renaissance Pleasure Fair, where she felt surrounded by her fair family.

"I drew my inspiration for the festival while working the covid unit as a registered nurse. I wanted to bring some positivity back when the pandemic ended. And Renaissance means enlightenment. Historically it occurred after the Dark Ages, and I felt that as a society we kind of stepped into that. I'm the mother of five girls. Three I borrowed from my husband's first wife, and I claim them as mine. Two of my daughters work the festival with me and I'm about ready to bring two more. We've turned this into a family event a family affair between my husband myself and our kids."

Jacque started out wanting to volunteer to be the beer winch and quickly found herself assuming the role as President of our Silver Sage Renaissance Festival.  Jacque looks forward to sharing the creativity and the ingenuity with Western Kansas while bringing a touch of the whimsy that we all know and love.  Currently Jacque lives in Joplin Missouri with her family.


Under Jacque you will find the sub-committee for Marketing 

Director of Marketing: Raven Thompson

Webmaster: Chris Haerich



Vice President: Jason Troyer. 

Jason is a 35-year-old veteran who lives in Scott City where he works as a bartender.  At the end of 2022's renaissance festival, Jacque, our President, asked Jason to come on board to help with setting up and tearing down the festival.  Jason loves everything Ren Fest, but says he finds the fighters to be his favorite thing and hopes to one day be one of the Armored fighters.  Jason was voted into the Vice President position at the end of 2023's Festival and also continues to head up the building and set up crew.


Under Jason you will find the sub-committee for Building and set up crew

Patrick LaPoint and Chris Haerich serve on this committee.



Treasurer: Cindy McDonald

Cindy McDonald is a well-seasoned Information Technology and Project Management professional with a wealth of experience and a passion for driving organizational success. Her entire career has been spent working for various Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement agencies, implementing and supporting technology for the benefit of the agency and the public they serve.  She retired from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in Phoenix, Arizona, where she served as a civilian commander for the Project Management Office, responsible for the management, oversight and implementation of many technology and business-related projects.   

Today, Cindy lives in Joplin Missouri where she is enjoying the retired life.  Cindy joined the Silver Sage Renaissance Festival in the Spring of 2023.

Under Cindy you will find the Vendor sub-committee

Director of Vendor Relations: Angel Fetty

Christina Trammell also serves on this committee.



Secretary and Volunteer Coordinator: Doreen Wente 

Doreen lives in Quinter, Kansas where she works as an administrative assistant at the local medical center. 

As a child, she was fascinated with the legend of King Arthur and knights and sorcerers.  As an adult, that

fascination turned into a love of Medieval history.  Although new to the Renaissance Fair world, she is

excited to be a part of the Silver Sage community. Doreen was voted in to the secretary position at the

end of the 2023 festival and also maintains the list of volunteers.


Vendor Coordinators: Christina Trummel of Sunken Hallow and Angel Fetty of Fetty Farms


Jennifer Baker her ladyship Kaydance, Melissa Jasnoch and her Knight in Shining Armor Sir Ben, Kyle Munger, Jennifer Munger and their three knights in training, Dayenerra Hasenfratz - the Viking, Angle Fetty and her elfin kin, and the President in training, her ladyship Emme.  


And we cannot forget the family of the board who have been volun-told to help with everything :)