Important note for all vendors.

  • Check in June 7th at 9am - subject to change
  • Check in AND out with vendor coordinator.  If you want to change locations let us know so we can help. 
  • NO heavy vehicles on the grass please.
  • Do not cut, remove, or damage the perimeter fencing.  It is advised that Vendors have their own liability insurance.  
  • We try really hard to provide a wide variety of wares for the patron - help us help you. 
    • Try to make your booth "period" (there are online resources such as renaissance era canopy covers.
    • Be quick to return your registration form.  Be prompt in fee payment.  NEW RATES EFFECTIVE JAN 1 2024
    • Vendors are first come first registered. Vendor sites are first come first served.
    • This is a juried show.  
    • Please return all vendor apps with full addresses to 
  • Please throw your trash away in dumpsters.  Save the trash cans for patrons.
  • Conduct yourself like there are children watching.  This is a family show.  
  • Get ready to be part of the show!  Have fun.  Make friends.  Get inspired. 
    • The more interactive you are with the patrons - the better sales you likely will see. 
    • Get out of the booth and hawk your wares! 
  • We accept payment through paypal, see link below.  Snail mail is not advised as mail does get lost.  Do not send any money to anyone without confrontation they are affliated with us. 

Performers and Guilds

Important notes:

  • Guilds or organized groups please make sure to include the number of people in attendance and size of space needed.
  • Post sign announcing who your sponsor is.  All performers are paid for by grants - give your grant sponsor some 
  • Please throw your trash away in dumpsters and save the trash cans for patrons.  YOUR SITE MUST BE CLEAN BEFORE YOUR GROUP DEPARTS.  
  • Do not cut, damage, or remove perimeter fencing. 
  • please plan accordingly the needs of the team.  The Event is not responsible for providing toiletries, supplies, creature comforts, or sundries.  
  • If also selling wares, please include a description of what you are selling AND fill out the vendor registration form.  
  • Please keep in mind the site asks us to NOT use metal stakes if possible.  You may be responsible for any damages which occur do to set up practices.
  • Turn in proposal, be advised that proposal is open for negotiation up until grant has been approved.  



Have questions?  Reach out!